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The place to go for really low-tech instructional videos and some performance clips, mostly useful as supplements to what we've gone over in class...

Tap dancers sometimes make a distinction between Broadway-style  “show tap” and “rhythm tap,” which is more akin to jazz and percussion... 

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Tap-o-ween: This is our next big project in L.A. And yes, Tap-o-ween will be in January, not the end of October. 



Eddie Brown was a marvelous improviser, meaning he could invent taps to music as he performed.  The Saturday 10 a.m. "Eddie Brown" class is so named because it was his...

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North Carolina dance intensive: Howard will teach students and train teachers during the last week of July. Adam Stern-Rand will teach Howard's classes in Los Angeles.

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Spring Festival of Dance in NC: Howard, along with Karla Blume and Hannah Blume, traveled east to perform in the last dance show overseen by Howard's mother, Charlotte Blume, who died in May.



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