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Rhythm tap lessons in Los Angeles

Electric Lodge Mini-show: Our group previewed two numbers from the upcoming "Tap-Water."

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Upcoming show in North Carolina. 

Eddie Brown was a marvelous improviser, meaning he could invent taps to music as he performed.  The Saturday 10 a.m. "Eddie Brown" class is so named because it was his...



During studio renovations, classes will be held at:

My Gym Atwater Village

3462 N. San Fernando Road • Los Angeles, CA 90065.

I am out of town April 27 thru May 3. But I hope to have subs for beginning classes so they will continue to meet.

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beginners to advanced 

The place to go for really low-tech instructional videos and some performance clips, mostly useful as supplements to what we've gone over in class...


rhythm tap

Tap dancers sometimes make a distinction between Broadway-style  “show tap” and “rhythm tap,” which is more akin to jazz and percussion... 




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Performances in Echo Park Rising festival