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A still from the video of a performance of Manteca. This musical arrangement was the work of my father. I became aware of the recording after his death, and set a suite of dances to his jazz music. And, more recently,  in June, we found his handwritten arrangement for this excellent version of the classic jazz piece.

The poster/flyer for our show TAPitlalism. And, yes, there is a TA in front of the P, no matter how it may appear here. Click to see the full poster.

Just a reminder that there are low-tech videos on the video page, with choreography and exercises. These videos are of most use to current students learning routines or technique.

Howard's daughter Rebekah Blume was pretty much flawless in these duets from several years back.

Your fingers would be sticking straight out, too, if your head had been removed in mid-pose. The other dancers with the headless Howard are Erin Aubry Kaplan and Marty Barrera. And, yes, if you click this picture, you'll see that the actual photo has dancers with heads.

No, really, I do have a head. It even has hair so far. 

One of several photos of Howard dancing with his younger daughter, Hannah.

Tap dancer Eddie Brown.

Yes, our taps scraped the black paint from the stage at the Bootleg to reveal the fake tile paint from the previous show.

Comments on the pictures below are from Howard.  Click on the photos or page through the gallery for larger images, when they are available.

​Tapper M'saada Nia putting Howard in his place during a number. That seems to happen a lot.