S​Upcoming: Special workshop on Saturday, April 15, with Aaron Pardini. Beginners at 9 am. Intermediate-plus at 10 am and people in between those levels at 11 am. You must sign up in advance. It's OK to take both the 10 am and 11 am class if you qualify, but you must pay for each. Current students get first preference. Classes will be limited in size. Each class costs $15.

And Howard's classes on Sunday, April 16, will take place at different times. Please read the schedule.

Recent Past: Our big show, Tap-O-Ween, on Jan. 14 & 15, was a notable success. Three of four performances sold out. People left smiling. Hope all had a great time.

This page is for students and guests artists to request and keep track of rehearsals for the next show. Here's how it works:

I'll post possible rehearsal times. If you want to request that slot, email me at howard.tap@gmail.com.  Also tell me what routine you would like to practice. Just because you request a slot does not mean that you will automatically receive it. Don't assume you have a rehearsal just because you asked for one.

I'll update the schedule every 24 hours listing the confirmed rehearsals. So you must check back here to see if I was able to schedule your rehearsal.

If you schedule or sign up for a rehearsal, you must cancel within 12 hours to avoid paying a $15 penalty for not showing up.  It's not a bad idea to double-check in case someone else's rehearsal was canceled. 

Unless otherwise specified, all rehearsals are free of charge after you've paid for $60 worth of lessons in a month. Otherwise, rehearsals are charged as regular lessons. Financial aid is potentially available upon request. Guest artists have various individual financial arrangements.

Rehearsals are not private lessons. If you sign up to work on a particular routine, anyone else working on that routine can show up as well during the same time slot.

Anything listed as a private lesson below IS a private lesson and is for the listed person only. Some private lessons are not listed below. 

Here are the rehearsal times up for grabs:

Please rehearse every time with props and costuming that is part of the dance, such as trenchcoats that are taken off in the dance or masks that are pulled from coats, etc.

No one is expect to make every full show run though, but it's good to make several, and the more you do the better you'll be. Please note the cutoff date below for learning dances.

Note to all: At the end of Sunday, Jan. 1, dancers are likely to be cut from any numbers that they don't know solidly from beginning to end, unless they have specific permission to continue.

Dancers in the first row must know all necessary turns and arms, and they also must know numbers well enough to demonstrate them from beginning to end by themselves and must be able to make all the necessary sounds at the right time.



Are you kidding? None this week. All of you deserve some rest and relaxation. But all regular classes will meet as normally scheduled.



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