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Welcome to our Class Schedule.  To get started, find the class on the calendar below you'd like to book.

When booking, you have the option of TWO pay rates. 

SCHEDULING NOTE: I am out of town Feb. 10 thru Feb. 15. But I hope to have a sub for the beginning classes so they will continue to meet until you hear otherwise. But please make reservations in advance for all classes if at all possible.

UNPAID RESERVATIONS:  If you want to reserve a spot in class but don't want to pay in advance, please email with your request.  

Prepay - Pay the discounted prepaid rate by scheduling and paying online using the calendar below and paying by credit card, OR

Pay Later - Pay the FULL class rate of $20 at the studio. Before or after class, you can pay by check, cash or credit card at the studio.

To sign up for a class:

  • Click on a class you want to book
  • Sign into or create your Fitli account
  • Choose the discounted prepaid rate or the book for free, pay later option

You also can purchase a package of classes.

A NOTE TO YELP REVIEWERS: Thanks so much for your many kind words over the years. If you want your review to remain where people can see it, you may wish to consult this post:

You can also submit reviews to fitli. 

And, of course, if anybody ever  has a less than terrific experience, you know I want to know about it and to address that situation.

‚Äč-- Howard

A NOTE ON YELP REVIEWS: Knock on wood, we have never had anything less than a 5-star review on Yelp, but the Yelp robotic filter removes most of our reviews, which we do not solicit, apparently because they seem too positive. So,  if you're wondering why there are not more reviews, you can find many more if you dig a little deeper and click the link to scan the Yelp reviews that currently are rated as "Not Recommended.".