Prince Medley

  Section 1 

   Summertime -- Part Two with Music

Shim Sham with slow music

   As taught by Leonard Reed

These vary in class, but this gives you an idea of some of the technique, and, if you want, something to work on or warm up with.

Blue Skies -- Count Basie

  Part 1: with music

​  Part 1: Breakdown of steps

  Part 2: with music

  Part 2: Breakdown of steps (link coming soon)

Full dance with music

Manteca 2014​

Thriller tap steps  (intermediate)

Video is a little wobbly, but good for students to review.

Me & My Shadow, Echo Park, 2018

Summertime -- Part One with music 


Blue Skies -- Crosby, Nelson

  First Section with Music 

Note from Howard: I regularly add material to this page. Nearly all of these are low-tech videos and mainly for my students (as opposed to something that the archivists at the Smithsonian would want).  On the left side, the routines are listed by name in alphabetical order. The most popular videos, predictably, are the Shim Sham, 1927 BS Chorus and Eddie Brown BS Chorus.

Blue Skies -- MattyB

   First Part with music

Count Basie Blue Skies, Echo Park, 2018


​Shim Sham steps

​   As taught by Leonard Reed




   Summertime -- Breakdown Part 2 Steps

   Summertime -- Breakdown Part 1 Steps

Section 2, Part B, with music

Come Rain or Come Shine, Echo Park, 2018

Come Rain or Come Shine (beginners routine)

Irish Heart (early section with music)

Me and My Shadow:

Song of the Volga Boatmen

   Run through with music. (The six steps back on the diagonal should be a pullback combo.) Intermediate level.

1927 BS Chorus

Breakdown of 4 step dance as taught by Eddie Brown.

beginners to advanced 

Spanish Flea with music

   (low intermediate routine)

Studio Project Video and Pics